I’m pleased to advise that the Sports Field Testing program has commenced this month, with the rolling program expected to be completed by June 2024 (weather and site conditions permitting).
This testing will not adversely affect playing fields, leaving them ready for immediate use after the testing is completed.
As part of the program, Council will generate turf audit reports which will be provided to sports clubs with data related to their sports field. The information in these reports will assist community sporting organisations and Council to improve sports field safety and improve playing surface standards. These reports will be made available to all sports clubs once testing, laboratory results and findings of their field is complete.
The sporting fields that are part of the 2023-24 program include:
• Alexander Park – Moorooka Districts Australian Football Club Inc.
• Bowhill Road Park – Queensland Gaelic Football Association Inc.
• Brittain Park – Queensland Christian Soccer Association Inc.
• Kookaburra Park – Brothers St. Brendans Rugby League Football Club Inc.
• Mortimer Road Park – Acacia Ridge F.C. Inc.
• Mortimer Road Park – Spanish Centre Ltd