GIVIT is an Australian not-for-profit and online donation platform that connects generosity with genuine need. Working with more than 4,500 charities, not-for-profits and schools around the country, GIVIT gets essential items and service to people in hardship, when they need it.
With 1 in 6 Aussie kids living in poverty, not every child is Ready to Learn this new school year. works with more than 4,500 charities and schools around Australia to get essential items and services to people in need. This time of year, that might be school uniforms for a family who lost their home to a flood, stationery for a child whose parent just lost their job, or a laptop for a family escaping domestic violence.
You can donate items or money, and 100% of publicly donated funds received by GIVIT’s Ready to Learn Appeal will be used to buy essential items, vouchers and services to help kids and adults in need get the education they deserve.