Did you know that Brisbane City Council’s Environment Centres offers two programs for kindergardens? One face to face and the other online.

Creek Neighbours is a face-to-face program delivered by experienced educators from the Environment Centres who come to you to deliver the program. It’s a free program designed to connect kindergarten students, their families, and the community to their local creek catchment. It is delivered over four sessions which all link to the Early Years Learning Framework (belonging, being and becoming):

  1. Introduction session at the kindergarten
  2. Wildlife show
  3. Creek visit
  4. Celebration Day – families are invited to visit the creek and celebrate what the children have learnt.

The criteria for participation in the program are for the kindergarten to be walking distance to a suitable creek, our local being Oxley Creek. If you would like to be considered to take part in the program in 2025, get in touch with my office on 3403 1730.

Creek Neighbours online is a version of the program above that can be facilitated by the kindergarten. The online material includes written instructions, videos, links, and documents to help them teach the online program in their classroom. Council can loan the kindergarden a kit to use to dipnet in their local creek. Kindergardens can register via the link below.